Built by Mike ‘the heretic’ Dennis

March 2002


Some Meccano was used!

This A frame micro beam engine is to approximately 1/24 scale. The main parts are placed on a No 52 flanged plate sub-platform mounted on a simulated wood base (‘Hombase’ DIY shelf )  surrounded with 1/24 scale handrails featuring 5/32" A/F hexagonal brass barley twist columns!

Parallel motion is achieved with guide bars as featured on some early George H Corliss designed beam engines.  It also features a machined brass connecting rod center section, split shell big end bearings on a Meccano crankshaft (see Philip Webb’s drawing below) and a working Watts type governor.

The A frames are Maillot replica shafting standards.

The illustrations shows the engine
prior to mounting on the ‘wood’ base.

The engine is driven by a Motors Direct supplied Swiss mini motor and 3:1 reduction gearing to the crankshaft.

Most parts used are Meccano or replicas.  Mecarep Ø 3/32" micro rod system parts, narrow collars, and narrow cranks are used on the valve gear and governor parts for realism at such a small scale.

The handrail stanchions are 5/32" brass hexagonal section which has been twisted in the lathe to simulate barley twist mounted in Ø 1/4" sockets with Ø 3/16" tops.  The same method was used on many Victorian and Edwardian handrail systems and the handrails are Ø1/16" brass.

Dave Taylor is entirely to ‘blame’ for this model as he sold me the Brass Cast flywheel for 50p and suggested I might find a use for it!   With such a  ‘noble’ challenge from Lord Taylor of Dunmow, I painted it, fitted a Meccano size boss and decided to make MICKY around it.

The model was shown at the April meeting but at the time I ’christened’  it I did not know that  the  6ft 9inch ESSEX Robot that ‘oversees activities’ at ‘Taylor Towers’ is also called ‘Micky’! Spooky!

The fabricated cylinder unit fitted to this engine is truly dual purpose as it can be used on horizontal engines and under-types or portable engines. It was described on SPANNER and HISG (Half Inch Systems Group recently.

Dual Purpose Cylinder

Two special parts were developed to eliminate nuts, one of each being shown to its left and right and two of each are required to make the units.  The brass block to the right is the valve chest end to which a 3/32" bore gland with a Meccano thread on a male end is fitted.

I think these assemblies are more realistic than many made in All Meccano by traditional methods.

Two or more permanent sub-assemblies built as described would supplement any Meccano outfit including the No 10?!


Original drawings by Philip Webb

Note: The strap ring is an MW 4hole Part 59X type part made by me or it can be 5/8"square.