© Mike Dennis, February 2003



Scale - Full size.  Drawings and full details of all parts are available

Forming tool for making 1/2" and 1/4" wide double brackets etc, from standard or narrow width perforated strips.

NOTE - Use a hard plastic headed hammer to avoid bruising the material.

BZP finish parts are the most practical for bending - but be warned - You MAY find that some Meccano strips will not bend up to 90° without fracturing as the material is cheaper than bending quality mild steel.  -  Both bars are made from Brass bar and are 4" long -

Referring to the top illustration - The top bar is 1/2" x 1/4" and the main block is1/2" square Brass.  The inner holes are 1" pitch from the far right.  The top bar can be fitted to the main block for 1/4" width double bracket bending by removing the two special knurled screws which apply clamping pressure to the work piece which is 'centered' by a location dowel fitted in the main block and refitting it as shown in the second illustration.

NOTE: The block and bar are marked at the left hand ends with a single centre-punched dot (on both faces on the bending bar) - For guaranteed accuracy the dots MUST be visible on both parts when in use in all cases.

Bending bar in 1st position for 1/2" wide double brackets. (Form over the main block)

Screws are Meccano threaded and 0.160" dia on the plain shanks.


Bar in 2nd position when used for 1/4" wide double brackets.
(Form over top 1/4" wide bar)  Note the centering dowel visible in this view.
NOTE - This view - with the bar as shown is the ‘parking’  position when the bender is not in use.