© Mike Dennis Feb 2002, re-issued Feb 2004



This article should have been sub titled  'A load of old balls'- Why? ? I hear you ask eagerly....

The outer case is a No 8 countersunk screw cup (Nickel or Chrome plated or even brass) with the center hole enlarged to Ø 4.1.
This can be done easily with a 4" x 4mm dia rat tail file

The thrust washer is a bog standard crappy dished Meccano 'holey' washer with the balls working on the dished face. (They do have some use!)

The 7 balls shown here are Ø 0.125" Old bike balls but you can also use new ones or Ø 3mm which are available from most cycle stores and model shops or model engineering.

So there you are - Happy mutilating - Do your own thing as detailed and keep these words of heretical wisdom for future reference.

Full size
NOTE: The second cup washer (Far Right) is only for demonstration only and the OD is just under 0.5"

Despite any possible objections from the Commissar of the Concept police, all holey Ayatollahs the Mecca-masons or Mafia godfathers regarding the use of non-meccano parts in models feel free to copy this design and my notes.  I do it by the Frank Sinatra method ? MY WAY -  WITHOUT COMPUTERS !  Happy Mutilations!!!