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The Hand whisk - Figure 1 - costs from £1.99 to as little as 99 pence from some cheapjack shops in the UK and the gears are 1 module so they will mesh with any other commercial gear to that module.
Approximately 24 DP The large gear is Die Cast Mazak - Ø 2 1/2" with 64 teeth and the pinions are Nylon 66 - Ø 1/2" with 12 teeth.

Figure 1

Figure 2 shows the gears after removal from the hand whisk and modification to Meccano standards.

The frame is made of cheap die cast material (Mazak) which is easily cut with a hacksaw.  The shafts are 3/16" Dia steel and these are removed from the two pinions and the main gear by cutting flush with a hacksaw and carefully drilling out the pinions to 7/32" (0.218") Dia in the lathe.  The Maccano type Brass bosses are than made to suit as a light interference fit and drilled and tapped Meccano thread as per the length and dimensions of a normal 3/8" dia boss.

Figure 2
Scale - Half size approximately

Figure 3 shows a second main wheel with the outer set of teeth removed to produce useful gear toothed flywheel with the gear teeth on the bossed face for compactness.

Figure 3