By Mike Dennis

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This website features ideas and projects that use
model engineering techniques with Meccano.

A 3-1 / 2" Gauge "Terrier" 0-6-0 A1X class Tank engine with special turned parts, sprung
buffers, fully working inside cylinders and valve gear, sprung chassis and full cab details.
Some Meccano was used !  The name "Thanet"  seemed appropriate even though fictitious!
Construction details, patterns and scale drawings are available.

General Information

Drawing - Standard Abbreviations

Screw threads - including metric-imperial and imperial-metric conversions (useful for scaling)

Gears - General - Tooth form charts for Module and DP Diametric pitch

Modifying Meccano gears and pinions - part 1

Modifying Meccano gears and pinions - part 2

Other System Spur Gears - Modified for meccano - Module 1

Essential Tools

Four punches (Bossing)

Simple plate bender - Mk 1 - Large

Smaller simple plate bender- Mk 2

Basic indexing tool - No 1

Basic indexing tool - No 2

Special Meccano nuts - D.I.Y. self-locking and captive nuts

Parts - Dr. Cheapo's applied "Meccanomanics"

Joining Spring Cord - lengths - cheaper cord "worms"

Modified 19A Locomotive wheels - D.I.Y. article

Double faced contrate gear set

144C tri-flat axle drive dog adapter & crane winding drum

Miniature thrust races

Miniature ball race bearing system for clocks, etc.

Multi-axle bearing system for larger axles

Three cone clutch designs

Narrow angle brackets and fork ends with Meccano bosses

Special Parts Development:

Louvered plates (Jackarno compatible parts)

Four inch G.R.B. Developments for cranes

All Meccano mini geared roller bearing - Oh yes it is!!!


Volk's PIONEER Spirit - a unique tram on stilts which ran on the Brighton and Rottingdean Seashore Electric Railway

Micky - a micro beam engine

Thanet "Terrier" Tank Engine

Reynolds Corliss Engine - featured on Pat Belford's website

Free-lance Horizontal Cross Compound Steam Engine - featured on Pat Belford's website



Dave Taylor - supplier of everything Meccano and compatibles.

The MECCANO Web Ring - a treasure trove of sites related to Meccano. Click on link below:

Meccano Web
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